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Ingrid Wallace Presents (IWP)

Executive Coach | DEI Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach | EI Certified

Elevate your business by joining the esteemed ranks of successful organizations that have partnered with IWP. Together, amplify your impact and unlock the path to professional and personal success. Trust Ingrid to foster an environment where everyone thrives and contributes their best.

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Ignite Your Leadership Potential And Embark On A Transformative Journey With Ingrid Wallace Presents

Our Service


C Suite Coaching

Specializing in executive coaching for C-suite leaders, providing personalized guidance to maximize their leadership potential. Through one-on-one sessions and feedback, IWP equips executives with the skills and insights necessary to drive organizational success and achieve their professional goals.


DEI Consulting

Offering a comprehensive DEI consulting services to help organizations foster an inclusive and equitable workplace culture. From assessing current practices to developing tailored strategies, IWP guides clients in creating a diverse and empowering environment that celebrates individuality and drives organizational success.


Keynote Speeches

Deliver captivating keynote speeches that inspire and empower audiences. Ingrid's dynamic speaking style and engaging storytelling captivate listeners, leaving a lasting impact and igniting positive change. Her presentations cover topics such as leadership dynamics, emotional intelligence, team building, and diversity, creating a powerful experience that drives personal and professional growth.

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