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Learn to create a strategic plan with actionable items and to delegate in a way that makes performance evaluation much easier while having employees hold themselves accountable and create their own success.

Ingrid Says

Great Leaders say the right things and convey the right message. “Ingrid Says” helps you show up with a more impactful, and simple straightforward language. Ingrid Wallace created a laboratory out of hundreds of classrooms, and over twenty-five thousand leaders, and countless employees that she has trained and coached throughout her thirty-five-year career.  Using Stories and examples, she has managed to highlight the information that participants have consistently used to get the best results and the words that were used to convey it. In helping leaders shape an “economy of words” to effectively deal with leadership challenges, she has created phrases and put them into a powerful shorthand in “Ingrid says!”.  She has successfully used this information in her international C” Suite” and Executive Coaching consultancy, showing leaders how to make the best use of their valuable time, by providing them with ready access to the impactful phrases in a n upcoming book, “Ingrid Says”.  There are excerpts throughout these pages to support learning points. 
Ingrid has been widely quoted by executives who not only use her words to lead and coach, but to advance their own careers.

Ingrid's Client Act Books Coming Soon!

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