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Team Building Session

Ethical Leadership

As leaders, our choices shape not only our paths but also the environments we cultivate. Delve into the heart of ethical decision-making and behavior with us, as we explore the intersections of values, intention, and impact. This masterclass offers practical tools to navigate ethical dilemmas, fostering inclusive workplaces and sustainable positive outcomes. Register now to elevate your leadership journey and make a lasting difference.

The Focus:

  • Provide a foundation that equates ethics with individual responsibility.
  • Promote positive relationships based on ethical agreements and create guidelines for ethical decision-making and behavior
  • Create an atmosphere of leadership that is reflected in equitable treatment, allowing everyone to be a contributing part of the organization.
  • Reward individuals for fair and inclusive treatment of others as a part of performance management. 
  • Examine how personal values coincide with organizational values. 
  • To create guidelines for ethical decision-making and behavior

The Outcome:

  • Ethical relationships based on inclusion, resulting in sustainable positive outcomes!

  • A workplace that consistently reflects high intentions and high behaviors!

The Process:

  • We will use activities and examples from real-life to: Place day-to-day leadership within an ethical framework based on Intention, Behavior, Impact and Outcome

We will Consider:

  • What is an ethical leader?

  • What makes ethical leaders different?

  • How does one become an ethical leader?

  • How do you remain an ethical leader?

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Presented by Ingrid Wallace,
Creator of Leadership Dynamics©

Join us for an exclusive Masterclass with Ingrid Wallace on Ethical Leadership! Elevate your leadership skills and empower yourself to make ethical decisions with confidence. In this immersive session, we'll explore the essence of ethical leadership and its profound impact on individuals and organizations alike. Gain practical insights, strategies, and frameworks to navigate complex ethical dilemmas effectively. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your leadership capabilities and create a workplace culture rooted in integrity and inclusivity. Reserve your spot now to embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable positive outcomes.

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